Old SEO vs New SEO is a big topic for discussion! This episode will get you straight. Read this article on Old SEO vs New SEO for more details.

--------- EPISODE SUMMARY ---------

Prepare to amplify your online presence like never before. As we dive into the heart of Search Engine Optimization, you'll acquire the tools and knowledge to make your website a magnetic force for your target audience. Strap in, as we embark on a comprehensive journey through the evolution of SEO, from old to new strategies, exploring how to use your website to drive more traffic, enhance visibility, and ultimately, grow your business.

We'll unleash insights into the intricate world of SEO - keyword optimization, website management, DNS records and more, all tailored to propel your business onto the forefront of search engine results. We'll discuss the power of compelling content and the importance of an organized page structure. Learn how to add context to your articles, how to make your business stand out with a 'word cloud,' and how to protect your domain as a valuable asset.

But we're not just about the technicalities. We also delve into the human side of SEO. We'll show you how to make your website inviting to visitors, how to use filters effectively, how to solve a problem for your audience, and how to write articles that will rank organically. By the end of this episode, whether you're a beginner or an SEO expert, you'll have unlocked a treasure trove of SEO wisdom that will transform your online business. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!


(0:00:03) - Exploring Old and New SEO Strategies

We discuss SEO, building a house to express feelings, using filters to position in search, and thanking Rocky for his service.

(0:05:59) - The Evolution of SEO Strategies

We discuss filters, content pillars, page structure, time management, and digital marketing strategies.

(0:19:33) - New SEO and Keyword Optimization Way

Word clouds help businesses be seen, compare options, create content to rank higher, and automate decisions.

(0:27:43) - SEO and URL for Business Growth

We create commercial assets to build value, create content, solve problems, and increase website awareness.

(0:35:56) - Optimizing SEO for Personal Branding

We analyze keywords in SEO to increase visibility, create content with key phrases, and use a "word cloud" to build value.

(0:49:12) - The Importance of Owning Your Domain

Owning a domain, subdomains, exact match domains, hosting platforms, digital real estate, Google Search Console, content pillars, page structure, and multiple assets are discussed to build an online presence.

(0:56:30) - Understanding SEO and Website Management

We explore the importance of domain ownership, keywords, and commercial assets for SEO success.

(1:04:15) - Understanding DNS Records and Name Servers

We discuss domain and name servers, DNS records, A records, MX records, TXT records, CNAME records, and name servers for secure domain functionality.

--------- EPISODE KEYWORDS ---------

SEO, Website Management, Domain, DNS Records, Name Servers, Keyword Optimization, Content Pillars, Page Structure, Word Cloud, Filters, Problem Solving, Organic Ranking, Commercial Assets, Domain Ownership, Digital Real Estate, Google Search Console, A Records, MX Records, TXT Records, CNAME Records


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