Riding the rollercoaster of my 20s was the best education I ever received. Buckle up as I share 10 invaluable lessons from this incredible journey, all before my 30th birthday.

Top 10 Lessons I have Learned in my 20s:

1. Put God first in everything. The world doesn't owe you anything. The sooner you understand this, the quicker you'll start working for what you want by God's purpose.

2. No failure, no growth. Embrace your mistakes as stepping stones to your success.

3. You CAN say NO. Your time and energy are precious. Protect them.

4. Don't let anyone define your worth. Only you can do that. It starts with mindset & tenacity.

5. Healthy relationships matter. Nurture them, and they will bloom into a support system you can rely on.

6. Financial literacy is not optional.

7. Prioritize self-care. You can't pour from an empty cup.

8. Never stop learning. Knowledge is your superpower.

9. Life isn't a race. Everyone has their own journey and you can't compare yourself with anyone.

10. Lastly, trust the process. Your 20s are a time of exploration and discovery, not a deadline.

As I enter my 30s, these lessons will be my guiding light. And now, I pass them on to you.

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