From the political battlegrounds to the fictional realms, our latest guest, Joe, exemplifies the art of reinvention.

After establishing his career as a lobbyist in defense and technology, Joe found a new calling in the quieter, yet equally challenging world of fiction writing during the pandemic's unexpected pause.

In today's episode, we unpack Joe's journey from drafting legislation to crafting narratives, as he shares the secrets to monetizing and marketing his four-book series and the potential of expanding his universe into video games.

As writers and entrepreneurs alike know, the leap from passion to profit is no small feat. Joe's experience offers a treasure trove of insights into the business acumen required for any author looking to thrive in the competitive literary market, emphasizing the power of branding and the necessity of embracing feedback to refine one's work.

Navigating the publishing labyrinth can be as complex as the plots in Joe's novels, but fear not; we're here to light the way. We dissect the elements that can make or break a book's success: from the magnetic allure of an eye-catching cover to the succinct seduction of a gripping blurb and the nuanced strategies of marketing that can propel a story from the shelves into readers' hands.

For those wrestling with the decision between audiobook production, self-publishing, or traditional publishing routes, Joe and I rip the cover off the intricate web of options available to today's authors. We celebrate the collaborative spirit that binds the author community, offering a stark contrast to Joe's former political sphere—proving that sometimes, your competitor can be your greatest ally. Step into our literary salon, where the conversation is as rich and revealing as the stories we love to read.


(0:00:00) - Monetizing and Marketing Fiction Writing

Joe's journey from lobbyist to fiction author, treating writing as a business, standing out in a saturated market, and monetizing his passion.

(0:11:54) - Book Covers, Blurbs, and Marketing Importance

Nature's art of capturing reader's attention through book marketing, including cover design, blurb writing, social media, and professional help.

(0:20:52) - Exploring Publishing Options for Authors

Nature's options for publishing and promoting work, including audiobooks and self-publishing, with a focus on costs and community support.

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