As we celebrate Mothers’ Day  we want to invite to support a great cause led by Ceiba Chavez Fridge Art Fair and Pr and Arts Agency. In this episode, we have been blessed by having Ceiba Chavez, Sarah Fierek, Sephida Artis-Mills, & Debra Gillispie on the show to discuss how we can prevent gun violence in collaboration with Gun Mark.

“To Date there have been more shootings than the number of days in 2023”...

Welcome to Code Blue: An interactive, informative, and solution based art exhibition we have curated using recycled memorial art. Art as an offering for healing and policy change, using solution based technology, storytelling, music and fine arts.

Watch this on YouTube for the full picture!

P.S. Are you in New York today? Make your way to the Code Blue Art Exhibition and grab your tickets on Eventbrite here.

On Mother’s Day, we gather to celebrate the love, strength, and resilience of mothers worldwide. We honor their selflessness, their courage, and their enduring love that becomes our guiding light. Yet, amidst the flowers, cards, and warm wishes, we must also remember a group of mothers who bear an unimaginable burden. These are the mothers who have lost their children to the harrowing epidemic of gun violence. Read more on this topic in this article by Rich Woman here.

We introduce to you Mothers Against Gun Violence with founding director Debra Gillipise hailing from Milwaukee,WI; presenting "Voices Of Gun Volence" stories through interactive bus stop memorials by muralist Natalie Derr. We are incredibly proud to showcase art therapy made from loved ones recycled clothing by surviving family members, under the direction of Raoul Deal, an interdisciplinary artist and educator at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. 

Sarah Fierek is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter and Humanitarian who has graciously donated a portion of her newest hit single "Code Blue '' as the soundtrack for the exhibition & will be debuting live in NYC for the exhibition. A portion of the proceeds from the earnings of this song will be donated to Mothers Against Gun Violence and GunMark.

In closing, we will be educated by Spokeswoman Sephida Artis-Mills, the CEO and co-founder of an innovative and disruptive technology GunMark. GunMark is a groundbreaking solution powered by Birthmark Technology, proposing the solution to mitigating gun violence through innovative technology. GunMark is essential in implementing safety mechanisms that protect citizens, including gun owners and promote gun safety responsibility.

Listen to this episode and support this cause so we can have a brighter future together! ✊🏾



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