This is what Carey Sperry said in our Clean In Vogue episode for your reflections:

"I don't think it's always practical for people to be 100% plastic free, but you can do your part. If you are your part in plastic free in your cleaning products. Just think about how one household can cut down and that can make you feel really good. So it's, I feel like this industry that I'm in is sort of at the bat like here's the top of the roller coaster. And we're right here because there's enough awareness that this is an option. This works great and you can be a part of helping, you know, cut down on waste. So it's exciting to me and I'm glad that there are competitors because there's plenty to go around. I really think of life and abundance. And the people that I'm serving I'm serving in a different way than my competitors because I'm really addressing the emotional part of the support to the feelings that go into the negativity of cleaning."

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