Oluwadamilola Oguntoyinbo, also known as “Dami the CEO ” is a young Christian entrepreneur. Oluwadamilola currently runs a podcast called Wealth in Christ Podcast and a Clothing brand called Wealth in Christ. Oluwadamilola was born in Lagos, Nigeria but later migrated to the inner city of Queens, NY at age 4. He grew up being known as a guy who had a passion for Christ and business but Oluwadamilola couldn’t find anyone he can look up to with the same passion. Therefore after doing fervent prayer and meditating, Oluwadamilola was given the vision of Wealth in Christ.

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Is having money evil or the love of money is? The importance of understanding God is not against us being financially free but against us trusting money more than we trust Him. Listen to this episode to learn more about Finances and Christianity.

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