She has cultivated a personal network to impact millions of people on social media through her personal brand. She was chosen and recognized by Facebook, Inc. for the North American Community Leaders Summit in 2019, 2020, and 2021. She believes that your personal brand is more than logos, colors or a tagline.

It?s how you show up online authentically, so people see the good in you and what you do. With the increasing spread of online shaming and cancel culture, she believes personal branding is not just for celebrities. It is necessary to brand you, before others do. Please welcome our guest, Personal Brand Strategist, Jen Campbell.

?When it comes to personal branding, it?s also about delivery.?

Your personal brand starts with your brand values. I'm offering a free brand values template to your listeners. My goal is help entrepreneurs have more impact, income and influence online through their personal brand. Learn more about how to get your personal brand started with this freebie from Jen Campbell.

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