Personal branding through archetyping is not just a concept I use for my clients to get their personal brands noticed. I have lived their journey of the ups and downs of it since I have grown 5 brands in the past decade (my dental practice, dance company, business coaching company for dentists, speaking brand, personal branding company) on various social media platforms.

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a global speaker, best-selling author, and personal brand archetyping expert. After losing her ability to drill as a dentist due to a career-ending injury, she crashed and burned as her career went up in smoke. Forced to reinvent herself, she had to get out of her shy way to create her online social media presence which saw her build successful brands in dance, dentistry, and marketing. The knowledge gained from that journey allowed the creation of Unleashing Influence – The Personal Branding Company for Entrepreneurs. Angela works with entrepreneurs around the world to help them unleash their authentic personal brands through social media, podcasts, and public speaking so they gain the success they deserve for the expertise and passion they bring to their client’s world.

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