How to Increase Your Online Presence On Online Platforms with Jennifer Palmer 🧠 - 201

Are you looking for online platforms to monetize your online presence? Jennifer Palmer speaks with Favour Obasi-ike to speak on how to build systems that work for you online.

Jennifer Palmer worked through High School, at the Drive-in, and in restaurants. After High School, she helped run a cafe in Banff, AB. That was her first entrepreneurship experience it was a short one. She was back in Calgary, working in hotels until 1992. That summer she was placed by a temporary agency, as a receptionist, with a financial planning firm. In September, she became a full-time employee. That began her 18 years in the financial services industry. In 2005, she became an independent financial advisor and that lasted 5 years. At that time she was again an entrepreneur, as she was building her own business. There were so many hats to wear and she was a new Mom. Most of her time was spent consulting other families building businesses and raising families. Many hours of networking, trade shows, and marketing online have evolved. Forever a student there has been so much growth.

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