1. Design Your Posts - Hire a designer like @mykewitay_ or @bwathugi to brand your look online because there is power in color psychology. Keep your bio clean and direct for the purpose of your handle.⁠

2. Schedule Your Posts - Use the app @latermedia to enhance your posts and stories without the hassle of thinking about a caption every time you want to type. Tune in to find out what the premium features can do for you, and so much more.⁠

3. Engage Your Posts - Don’t leave a comment unanswered because the algorithm serves a great deal for you when you post a reply of at least 4 words. Engagement is the talk of the town. You need to add value to your captions and responses to build a solid fanbase and steady following. The average number of words that bring a steady ROI is between 65 - 70 words.⁠

4. Promote Your Posts - This is highly important for your audience because your analytics tell you where your followers are located, which gives you the opportunity to engage on an intimate level leading to ads and campaigns, using “Create” features on your IG Stories to drive traffic and feedback.⁠

Listen to “We Don’t PLAY” on your favorite podcast station to find out more information, in-depth. Talk to you tomorrow.⁠

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