Acronym Meaning: A.G.E (Aspiring Global Entrepreneurs)

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What are the FOUR objectives of this group?

  • Connect Globally

  • Share Information

  • Solve Problems

  • Build Teams

Connect Globally

During these COVID-19 times, creatives are becoming more innovative with ways on how to retain information and stay connected, while we #stayhome

This LinkedIn Group opens the door for entrepreneurs to express themselves and find better solutions to help them grow exponentially for a better success story.

Share Information

Information is King and Consistency is Queen. This is why we express interest in building a strong list of information data reports that will help us all grow and become more informed on ways to be more equipped in this ever-changing digital world.

Feel free to share articles, questions, and recommendations that will equip the next reader.

Solve Problems

The fastest way to make a strong monetary policy is to solve problems. Solving problems encourage effective management and communication systems for growth and retainable sources. This takes time and there are many ways we can solve problems; this is the group to be in.

Here, we may discuss techniques and theories that make your business more effective in the long-run.

Build Teams

A team without a plan is a team without a vision. Teams are important because everyone is an asset and an applicable source to the next solution. Connecting globally with shared information helps us to solve problems that can establish built teams for successful models of business. The lifespan of a business is 5 years and before a business can go public, it takes 7 years. What are your first 3-year goals and objectives? How do you sustain your business acumen? Here is where we tackle all that and build a system that encourages team building.

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Are you trying to start your business? Do you have a business idea? Are you ready with your business plan? But you don't know how to start?

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There are 5 Steps & in order to see the results, we will need to go through the 5 steps together. See you soon!


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